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About Cheryl

Hello my name is Cheryl Chapman, I’m a published author and Life Ranger and I can help you “Choose a Life of Freedom”.

For over 29 years I have been delivering services for those in need of guidance both on an individual and a corporate level.

Following the death of my beautiful cousin Lynsey at the young age of 27 – I decided to adopt her “lust for life ” and go for 5 minutes of wonderful rather than a lifetime of regret.

Once I found a life of Freedom I simply reviewed the steps I had taken and I knew I was onto a winning formula.
I cemented this with formal training to become a qualified Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioneer and an ACE Coach with Andy Harington.

I wrote my first book “The Devil, the Angel & YOU” sharing some of the established proven techniques I  learned from many years of studying but then I also added in the succesful tools that helped me accomplish my goals too.

Following the theory of the “Law of attraction” and studies of the sub conscious I created and published “The Devil, The Angel & YOU – Journey Journal” where the purchaser of the book is actually the creator of the book and they plan the life that they want.

I am now proud to use these recognised techniques in my “Ranger” role and help others who are looking to make the most from their lives find the right path for them too.

I am grateful and happy to have worked with some truly wonderful people who have turned their lives around from just existing  to fully living.

If you are looking to change your life and take back control then I would love to show you how you to achieve it:


Simply  mail me cheryl@cheryl-chapman.com and tell me a little about where you are now and where you feel you would like to be and I will contact you directly. Or simply fill your details in at the bottom of this page

Stay Happy

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