Using The Rapid Transformational Therapy – RTT is a hybrid therapy, that offers unparalleled results; combining the most beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Psychotherapy & Cognitive Behavioural Therapies. Developed by the highly acclaimed Marisa Peer who has fine tuned this method over 30 years. This is a private and confidential service and so Cheryl is delighted to share (with his permission) the changes that Dario Cucci experienced after just two sessions he had incredible results.

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I worked with many clients who are unable to get the business started or expand. Let’s take Mike as an example. He had been in a multi level marketing business for nearly 5 years and he done very little sales. I worked with him on how he could introduce his products and his service without being too salesy.

And, the very next opportunity he used what we talked about and immediately got 20 leads and two people to join his business. This was achieved by firstly changing his “story” that he couldn’t sell and secondly implementing an elevator style story, a way that meant he could talk his offer quickly to grab the audiences attention, without putting them off.

Testimonial by Anneth Bryan
Thank you to my awesome coach and mentor Cheryl Chapman you are 'F'A' and sweet as a nut. You know my story, just got this revelation..xx
Anneth Bryan
Testimonial by OJ Rushton
If you had been with me 3 years ago today, you would have been sitting next to the wonderful Cheryl Chapman as she coached me (or should I say, was pulling her hair out as she suggested I stop changing my Framework EVERY Coaching Session!) by a 5 Star hotel pool in Sydney....Today I am an ACE Coach and a Professional Speaker who has worked with some of Australia's top artists, sort after by the media, working with both state and Federal Governments on national projects and giving young leaders career building high profile opportunities through my 21st Century Leadership Academy, writing my book, oh, and did I mention, living my dream?!!!
OJ Rushton
Testimonial by Louise K Shaw
Just wanted to give a big shout out and Thank You to Cheryl, my wonderful Mentor. After a little rocky start to the year, I have felt down-hearted and a little uncertain about my Vision. I've just come off a Coaching Call and feel so buzzed up again with the help of Cheryl. Not only have we reworked my story in light of events from this year, she's given me the pep talk I needed. I feel back on track.
Louise K Shaw
Testimonial by Nisarga Eryk Dobosz
Thank you Cheryl Chapman for your coaching and amazing feedback.
Nisarga Eryk Dobosz
I had my first session yesterday with Cheryl and I was completely blown away at the depth of insight, creativity and spontaneity on which this superwoman operates. Thank you Cheryl x
I have been recognising people in my industry for over 20 years and encouraging my leaders to find things to recognise their teams for, no matter how small. And I have gotten away from how it makes people feel especially the leaders. So thank you Cheryl Chapman you helped to ignite that flame again.
Northern Ireland
To get the guidance I have just received just demonstrates the level she is at, it always impresses me how she can adapt when dealing with different mentees. Totally loved the experience Cheryl Chapman thanks sooooo much.
Oh my! What an absolute mega sesh with the engaging, funny, powerful force that is Dr Chezza! Thank you so much for all your help & support so far.
Live Love Laugh xChoose a life of freedom xChange your story xShare your story xInspire others xYou are frickin’ awesome x